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An Introduction to Young People’s Counselling Service

Young People’s Counselling Service (YPCS) was first opened in May 1992 as a charitable organisation that provided counselling for young people aged 11-18 years from Brentwood and surrounding areas. Through the years YPCS has grown in recognition and what our Service provides to local communities has become a vital and essential provision.

Our Service is open to any young people who present with any form of emotional difficulties or concerns. We recognise that emotional difficulties experienced by young people can limit their development, prevent them from achieving their potential and place them at times at high risk of harm.


Aims of the Service

Through counselling the Service aims to:

a) Support young people in gaining power and freedom to direct their own lives.
b) Facilitate personal growth, self-awareness and confidence to help the young person realise their potential.
c) Enable young people to achieve a high degree of personal autonomy, self- esteem and self-respect in order that they may engage with the world in ways that will extend their own rights and respect for others.
d) Promote equality of opportunity by supporting young people in developing their spiritual and cultural identity, enabling them to address the damaging effects of discrimination and prejudice on themselves and others.
e) Prevent and alleviate the suffering caused by difficulties encountered in family and community life, including discrimination, disadvantage, breakdown and mental ill-health.


Meeting these Aims

The work of the Service covers three distinct areas:

a) Psychological assessment in relation to young peoples needs and level of risk.
This assessment: explores the present problem, family history and psychological development of the young person and forms the basis for a decision to be taken by the Service with regard to offering the young person counselling or making a referral to a more appropriate agency.
b) Confidential crisis counselling and ongoing counselling as appropriate to young people between the ages of 11-18 yrs.
c) A referral service that will enable young people to gain access to agencies and services most relevant to their needs.


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