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Philosophy and Approach

The aims of the Service are achieved through the provision of a special relationship that is trustworthy, dependable, consistent, non-judgmental and accepting of young people’s feelings and experience. Within the counselling relationship, we aim to support young people in reflecting on their present difficulties and past experiences in order to discover new perceptions and insights. Through this, they will find that they will develop greater control and power over their present circumstances.

We recognise our need to learn from the young people who engage in counselling work and take into account the dynamics of power and oppression experienced in life by our clients, ourselves and within the counselling relationship.

We place great emphasis on the need for counsellors to develop a high degree of self-awareness through the experience of personal therapy and supervision as well as a commitment to ongoing study and personal development.

The work at the Service draws upon the theories of the person-centred approach, transpersonal psychology and the psychoanalytic tradition. Counsellors may come from a variety of schools of training as well as diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. Differences in counselling techniques will be respected, in order to respect the work of the Service.

Counsellors at the Service adhere to the Code of Ethics laid down by the British Association of Counselling and Youth Access of which the agency are members.


Young People’s Counselling Service Aims To Be:-

a) Accessible: providing an atmosphere of welcome and support at all times where young people feel free to come before their difficulties reach a critical point.

b) Flexible: the Service is staffed by appropriately qualified counsellors who can respond to young people’s counselling needs through the provision of crisis input, short-term supportive work or ongoing medium to long-term counselling or psychotherapy.

c) Responsive: in offering support that can assist young people in holding together all different aspects of their difficulties, enabling them to find some order and stability at times of internal and external chaos.



We take referrals from different sources; self-referrals, parents, Schools, G.Ps., CMHTs, Social Services, and other organisations.

These can be written referrals or contact can be made by telephone.

At Young People’s Counselling Service we have a policy that a young person comes into our Service at a point when they are open to and motivated towards counselling input. It is important that the person referring the young person has been open and clear about the referral and that a level of motivation has be assessed. The referrer may want to encourage the young person to call in themselves to make the appointment for the initial assessment.

At point of assessment or further into counselling work it may become appropriate and necessary to refer a young person to a specialised agency as an alternative to our Service or to work alongside our organisation.


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